Our duplex DNA service includes

  • O synthesis, purification and QC of 2 complementary DNA oligonucleotides up to a length of 220 nts.
  • O equimolar mixing of individually QCed DNA oligos (analytical HPLC and Mass Check).
  • O annealing of the two oligos, formation of the respective duplex DNA, and "freezing" of the ds-status as dried down deliverable.
  • O QC of DNA duplex by ESI-ToF mass spectrometry.
  • O Providing recommendations/ a protocol to re-dilute, re-anneal and use the delivered dsDNA oligos.

A full list of standard modification is available below:

Fluorencent Modifications

Type Position Spectrum Maxima
  5' 3' internal Abs Em
Atto425 O O O 439 485
6-Fam O O O 495 520
Fluo O O O 495 520
FITC O O O 490 525
Tet O O O 521 536
Joe O O O 522 548
Yakima Yellow® O O   530 549
Hex O O O 535 556
Cy3 O O O 546 563
Atto550 O O O 554 576
Tamra O O O 564 579
Rox O O O 576 601
Texas Red® O O O 586 610
Cy5 O O O 646 662
Atto647N O O   646 664
Cy5.5 O O O 683 705
IRD®700 O O   685 705
IRD®800 O  O   787 812

Concentrations available: 0,5 to 200 nmol
Purification available: HPLC

Non-Fluorescent Modifications

Type Position
  5' 3' internal
Phosphate O O  
C6 Amino O    
C12 Amino O    
Biotin  O O O
C6 Thiol  O   O
Digoxigenin  O O O
Inosine O O O
2' Deoxyuridine O O O
5-Me-dC O O O
Alxyl O    
AldC O O O
AldU O O O
C3 spacer O O O
C9 spacer O O  
HEG spacer O O O
Cholesteryl-TEG O O  
C7 Amino   O  
ddC   O  
Inverted T   O  
Dabcyl   O  
BHQ®-1   O  
BHQ®-2   O  
Alrol   O  
C2-Amino dT     O
C6-Amino dT     O
dspacer     O
pdU     O
C6 spacer      O
C12 spacer     O
C3 Thiol   O  
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